Prayer does not work, Action does.

I am a atheist, and one of the issues that confront me is when someone asks me to pray for them or someone they know who are going through a bad time in life is how to react, I really feel emotions like compassion,Love and understanding and want to express those emotions toward a fellow human who need help, but I can not pray as I don’t believe that will help, BUT if it will help another human who is in a emotionally vulnerable position I will hope(that they overcome the predicament they are in ),care,love and help because I care and have deep compassion towards people in need of help. I will however not falsely say that I will pray, That would make me a false person. I will shed tears and console and help in a real way. So when I see posts on Facebook that ask me to pray I will not respond but silently hope they get over the despair they are in. Just the way I am.