Three Major Religions Created By Ancient Royalty

(Roman Piso, 02-15-2015)

While so many people all over the world today still believe in various religions with all their hearts and minds, and wonder about, contemplate, and otherwise search for “God” and “spirituality”, and even believe in “miracles” and the paranormal; there are those of us who have known for a long time now that all religion is deliberate fraud. Our work was never meant to offend anyone, but to get at the truth.

So what did we find? First a little background on myself. I’ve always been an impartial and objective person with an open mind; and very observant. As I was growing up, I saw so many people who were consumed by their beliefs, beliefs that a) they could not prove, and b) that they actually never did do any kind of real research about. And, they were not impartial and objective as I was. In fact, in nearly all instances, these individuals simply believed in what their family had believed.

Whenever I asked any of them if they would change their mind about their beliefs if they were presented with facts and evidence that contradicted their beliefs, they answered most times, honestly and said that they were afraid to question their beliefs or even consider that they were incorrect. There was fear of retaliation by the God that they believed in and of losing any promise of heaven and a life after death. So, once they were believers, it would be very difficult to get them to see things realistically and as they really are. I knew that.

However, there were still others out there who were questioning and even researching, and others who were still young and not yet entrapped by religious belief. So, one of the first things that I saw in religion is how it closed off the minds of believers. And later on, I would also observe how when being debated on their religion and belief in it, they would deflect questions, ignore them, get angry, or perceive the questions in another context, or distort what was said completely, and bring up another subject so as to take the subject matter on a tangent. The reason? They had to do these things in order to preserve their belief. Otherwise, reason, sensibility and logic might seep in. They simply were unwilling to even entertain any idea that might bring them back to the point of reasoning that they had before they had become believers.

Unfortunately, we see this very same thing today in academia. There are many that enter into academia, not to learn, not to get at the truth, but in order to find whatever they can to support their religious beliefs. There are many illusions in religion. And one of those is the sense of “community”. Though there is community for the individual believer among others who believe the same thing, in the larger picture, religious belief divides us. It puts people into groups who at odds with others and for many religious people, their belief leads to fanaticism and even mental illness.

Today, we see many terrible things happening in the world, much of which originated or is based in the religious faith of individuals who are determined to see that their belief is the dominant belief. In essence, there are many religious people who are doing what they think they need to do in order to get others to believe as they do; even if it takes force and terrorism.

What most people never stop to think about is that ALL of these major world religions that have all caused their share of terror, torture and killing, originated in ancient times; when the world was still being ruled by kings and despots, and when there was no freedom for the average person. These religions do not belong to our time, they belong to the past. And should stay there. So, how can we free ourselves of them and move on so that we can advance to modern civilization? They need to be exposed as fraud once and for all.

When people say that they believe in “God”, they simply say “God” and expect others to know just what God they are referring to. And in most instances today, people imagine that to mean the God of the Bible, and not Zeus or some other ancient god. This is where we must start. What sources do we have for the God of the Bible? It is the Bible itself. And where in the Bible do we find the first mention of this God? In Genesis. So, Genesis holds the key to the validity of that God. Now, if the Bible itself is found to be deceptive in any way, then our trust in it must be diminished.

What did we find? We found a lot of things and so did many other people. One of the main things that people who have made a study of the validity of the Bible have found are the many contradictions in it. Now what is a person to think of a book or compilation of books that a) cannot talk straight and forthright to those who are expected to believe in that work, and b) contradicts itself?

When we looked at the archaeological findings, the dated material and followed the genealogical information back (comparing it to actual real-life history in the process), and calculated the average generation per individual in the Bible back to “Adam”, we arrived at a date for the biblical ‘Adam’ as the same time as the founder of the 12th dynasty in Egypt. And he happened to have been known by several names, including one that began with ‘Adam’ (Adamenemhept I, aka Amonemenhept I).*

And then we read in the works of Flavius Josephus, that Adam’s son ‘Seth’ was aka “Sesostris”,** the same name as that of the son of the individual that we have found to have been ‘Adam’. Thus, we have found who the author of Genesis was; who was a “god” to his people, the pharaoh who founded the 12th dynasty in Egypt. And it is HE, who is the “God” of the Jewish Bible. Mystery solved. It is fake.

So, we now know that there was no real omnipotent “God” of the Bible. It is like the Wizard Of Oz, an ordinary man, hiding behind a facade. That actually exposes both Judaism and Christianity, but as those who have followed our work know, we have many more answers for Christianity in addition to this. But for now, we will just be as brief as we can while touching upon these three major religions that are the topic of this paper.

What did Judaism and Christianity have in common? They were both created by the same royal family. That is, the descendants of the ‘Adam’ (God) of Judaism had also created Christianity. They were “religion creators”. And that is why we term them ‘The Biblical Dynasty’.***

The purpose of this paper is to present to other scholars, researchers and true academics that answers can and will be found to expose all religion as deliberate fraud and as that which has no place in a modern civilization or any society that has any hope of truly unifying itself towards any good and essential progress. Religion is one of several things that has been dividing humanity and pitting us against each other, and which is but a false, created illusion constructed for that very purpose.

If more proof is needed regarding Christianity as a fraud, then we have plenty of evidence for that, as one need only look to the work exposing the royal Piso family as the creators of the New Testament and Christianity. But as we have already presented evidence for Judaism and Christianity as deliberate fraud created by ancient royals of a royal line known to us as ‘The Biblical Dynasty’, we now begin to talk about Islam.

Islam too, was created by this very same royal family. This is why we find Jesus mentioned in the Koran, and well as other biblical figures and we find the same kind of angels and other elements and component parts of that religion as we do in the other two already mentioned. The authors of the Koran, were using the same techniques that were used previously by the creators of Judaism and Christianity. Islam, or the creation of the Koran, began in the West and was likely completed in Syria. After which, it was given to Arab communities to be absorbed into their culture. They envisioned it to be something entirely unique to them. It wasn’t. But they, the average non-royal believers, had no way of knowing that.

We know of many of the tricks that were used in the creation of Christianity, that we see in the creation of Islam. And, we also know of the methodology that has exposed Christianity as a fraud. So, it is just a matter of time before Islam is fully exposed. But for now, consider these few things.

One. What would the motive/s be for creating Islam in the first place? Something that had bothered the royal Romans since the Jewish Diaspora of 135 CE is that some of the Jewish leadership had survived and were living in Persia, being protected by the rulers there, where they were allowed to write their Talmud; which was giving information about the creation of Christianity. And there was virtually nothing that the Roman rulers could do about it. They knew that if left unchecked, the Jewish leadership would give a detailed account of how Christianity actually came to be.

So, a solution that they had been working on for perhaps hundreds of years, was being implemented step by step a little at a time. The Piso family had long had connections and even homes in Syria. And some of them even became very close to the Arabs (such as Philip The Arab). Remember that all of the Roman emperors from Antoninus Pius forward were descended from Arrius Piso and his family. Thus, they all knew the truth about Christianity and they wanted to destroy the remaining Jews if at all possible, as they were a threat to the continuation of Christianity.

The religion that the Arabs had was not a very strong one, it wasn’t really uniform either. It was basically a pagan form and many did not even bother with it. The “Jewish” religion by that time was not the same as it had been pre-70 CE, because the Sadducees no longer existed and as we had discussed elsewhere, the Essenes had disbanded in 6 CE, to become ‘Scribes’, who were passive helpers of the Pharisees. So, the Jewish religion had become more focused upon ethics and intellect instead of religious or superstitious beliefs. But that was to change again in later years.

The plan was to give the Arabs a religion of their own, one that was adverse to the Jews. That way, the royals and popes of the West would not have to send in any of their own people to deal with the Jews. But the plan backfired.

Islam had a duel purpose when it came to the Jews. It was supposed to set a variance between the Islamic believers and the Jews; but to also be used as a means to convert Jews to the religion given to the Arabs (Islam). Though Islam did cause some for the Jews in the Arab world, and some of the Jews were absorbed into Islam; the Jewish leaders knew what was happening and had planned for it. So, they did whatever was necessary to save their Talmudum and escape from the situation; many fled.

Another thing that Islam was supposed to do, was to make its believers accommodating for Catholicism, which is somewhat interesting (and telling) when one thinks about it. This was because Islam may have been thought of by its creators to have been something “temporary”. That is, its creators may have envisioned coming in later and converting the Muslims to Catholicism.

When we know our history and have an overall view of things, we can now view the establishment of Constantinople as an effort to bring something of the West to the Eastern territory. Another thing that we have not mentioned as much is that all of the popes too, on up to near modern times (at least) were also descendants of Arrius Piso and knew the truth about Christianity.

Though at this time, we cannot pin-point the exact individuals who were involved in the creation of Islam, we do know enough to say that it was the descendants of the same people who had created Judaism and Christianity. I would think that the royals in the West and in and around Syria and Constantinople, and those close to the papacy at the time had a hand in it. Remember, Islam too, had been created with the same elements and component parts as the other two religions and also requires a belief in the supernatural. And just as there have been fanatics and atrocities associated with Judaism and Christianity, the same is inherent with Islam.

Religion, any religion, is a created falsehood. A falsehood designed to keep believers in a perpetual state of delusion, whereby the perception of the believer is distorted to conform to what is dictated by that belief. It is time that we leave such things in the past, along with all of the violence and division that they cause. We can defuse all of the harm that is done in the name of these religions and the irresponsible, illogical attitude of their adherents, by exposing them for the frauds they are and clearly showing the harm that they have done and continue to do to Humanity.

* For those individuals listed in the bible from the time of Noah going back to Adam (antebellum), we discovered that the “years” that were given for their exceptionally long lives were actually fabrications, but also that they could be averaged by “Egyptian Years”, which were similar to what we now think of as “months”.

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