Many god’s

Many god’s

2 October 2013 at 20:33

Koios – also spelled Coeus. God of intelligence, heavenly prophecy and the axis.Kreios – also spelled Crius. God of leadership, domesticated animals and the constellations.Kronos – also spelled Cronus. God of time. King of the Titans. Roman name Saturn.Hyperion – God of light.Iapetos – God of mortal lifespan.Mnemosyne – Goddess of memory, the inventiveness of words and language.Oceanus – God of salt water.Phoebe – Goddess of the Oracle of Delphi and intellect.Rhea – Goddess of fertility, the female body, and later, nature. Mother of Zeus, Hera, Hestia, Hades, Poseidon and Demeter.Tethys – Goddess of Subterranean forces of fresh water and patron goddess of nursing mothers and the young.Theia – Goddess of sight, gold, silver, and gems.Themis – Goddess of divine law and order.Other Titans:Atlas – God of astronomy. Holds the sky from the earth as his punishment.Epimetheus – God of afterthought and excuses.Menoitios – God of violent anger, rash reactions and human morality.Prometheus – God of forethought and crafty counsel. Gave humanity the gift of Fire.Asteria – mother of HecatePerses – father of HecateAsterious – father of the AnemoiDione – goddess of the oracle DodonnaEos – Goddess of dawn and sister of Selene and HeliosHelios – God of the sun and brother of Selene and EosSelene – Goddess of the moon and sister of Helios and EosAriadne – goddess of passion and mazes (was a mortal princess engaged to Theseus but was abandoned and married to the god Dionysus and made Immortal.)Aeolus – god of winds (at birth was mortal made Immortal)Asclepius – god of medicine.Bia – Goddess of force.Cratos – God of strength and power.Deimos – Personification of terror; brother of Phobos.Eris – Goddess of discord.Eros – God of lovePsyche goddess of compassionGeras – God of old age.Ganymede cupbearer of the Olympians.Harmonia – Goddess of harmony.Hebe – Goddess of youth.Hecate – Goddess of magic, witchcraft, necromancy and crossroads.Hestia – Goddess of the hearth, fireside, family, and home, was one of the Olympians until she gave up her throne on for Dionysus, occupies fire on Olympus.Hypnos – God of sleep.Janus – God of doors, gates and new beginnings.Chione – Goddess of snow (her father is one of the gods of the winds).Leto – mother of Artemis and Apollo.Metis – mother of AthenaEnyo – goddesses of war and peacekeepingEileithyia – goddesses of childbirthMomus- God of blame.Moros – God of Doom.Nemesis – Goddess of consequences and revenge.Nike – Goddess of victory.Persephone – Goddess of spring and flowers and wife of Hades, hence queen of the Underworld.Phobos – God of Phobias and fear in general; brother of Deimos.Thanatos- God of peaceful death.The Erinyes – Otherwise known as The Furies. Goddesses of revenge.The Horae – Actually two groups of separate goddesses worshiped in different periods: the first three were goddesses of the seasons, the second generation were goddesses of law, justice and order.Tyche – Goddess of luck, destiny and fortune.Zelus – God of dedication.The Moirae: Klotho, Lachesis and Atropos – Controllers of life and destiny.The Muses – Representatives of the arts, sciences and songs.The Oneiroi: Morpheus, Phobetor and Phantasos – Personifications of dreams and sons of Hypnos.Pan – God of the Wild.Iris (goddess) – Goddess of the rainbow.Triton – god of ships, prince of AtlantisPaean – doctor of the gods.The Keres goddesses of violent Death.The Charites – goddesses of charm, beauty, human creativity, and fertility.Pallas – god of warfareMelinoe – goddess of ghosts.More here



African mythology[edit]Agwu, Igbo god of health and divination!Xu, sky god of the Bushmen of southern Africa who is invoked in illnessAztec mythology[edit]Ixtlilton, god of medicine.Patecatl, god of Pulque and healing.Celtic mythology[edit]Airmed, Irish goddess associated with healing and resurrectionAlaunus, Gaulish god of the sun, healing and prophecy associated with Greek god Helios-ApolloAtepomarus, Gaulish healing god associated with the Greek god ApolloBorvo, Celto-Lusitanian healing god associated with bubbling spring waterBrigid, Irish goddess associated with healingDian Cecht, Irish god of healingGlanis, Gaulish god associated with a healing spring at the town of GlanumGrannus, Gaulish god associated with spas, healing thermal and mineral springs, and the sunHooded Spirits, hooded deities associated with health and fertilityIanuaria, goddess associated with healingIovantucarus, Gaulish healer-god and protector of youth associated with Lenus MarsLenus, Gaulish healing god associated with the Greek god AresMaponos, god of youth, associated with the Greek god ApolloMullo, Gaulish deity associated with the Greek god Ares and said to heal afflictions of the eyeNodens, Gallo-Roman and Roman British god associated with healing, the sea, hunting and dogsSirona, Gallo-Roman and Celto-Germanic goddess associated with healingChinese mythology[edit]Elder Zhang Guo, one of the Eight Immortals, whose wine was considered to have healing propertiesImmortal Woman He, one of the Eight Immortals, whose lotus flower improves one’s health, mental and physicalIron-Crutch Li, one of the Eight Immortals, who alleviates the suffering of the poor, sick and needy with special medicine from his gourdWong Tai Sin, god with the power of healingShennong, mythical emperor who spread knowledge of herbs and medicine.Egyptian mythology[edit]Heka, deification of magic, through which Egyptians believed they could gain protection, healing and supportSekhmet, goddess of medicineSerket, goddess of healing stings and bitesTa-Bitjet, a scorpion goddess whose blood is a panacea for all poisonsEtruscan mythology[edit]Fufluns, god of plant life, happiness and health and growth in all thingsMenrva, goddess of war, art, wisdom and healthGreek mythology[edit]Aceso, goddess of the healing of wounds and the curing of illnessAegle, goddess of radiant good healthArtemis, goddess of the hunt, wild animals, the wilderness, childbirth, fertility, plague and good healthApollo, god of music, poetry, prophecy, archery, healing, medicine and plagueAsclepius, god of medicine and healingChiron, a centaur known for his knowledge and skill in healingEileithyia, goddess of childbirthHygieia, goddess of health, cleanliness and sanitationIaso, goddess of cures, remedies and modes of healingPaeon, physician of the godsPanacea, goddess of healingTelesphorus, demi-god of convalescence, who “brought to fulfillment” recuperation from illness or injuryHindu mythology[edit]




Lord Dhanvantari, the Hindu god of medicine and Lord of Ayurvedic medicineAshvins, twin doctors of the gods and gods of Ayurvedic medicineDhanvantari, physician of the gods and god of Ayurvedic medicineDhatri, solar god of health and domestic tranquilityMariamman, goddess of disease and rainShitala Devi, goddess of smallpox and diseaseHittite mythology[edit]Kamrusepa, goddess of healing, medicine, and magicShaushka, goddess of fertility, war, and healingInuit mythology[edit]Eeyeekalduk, god of medicine and good healthPinga, goddess of the hunt, fertility and medicineJapanese mythology[edit]Ebisu, god of fishermen, good luck, and workingmen, and the guardian of the health of small childrenMaya mythology[edit]Ixchel, jaguar goddess of midwifery and medicineMesopotamian mythology[edit]Anahita, Indo-Iranian goddess of fertility, healing and wisdomNamtar, god of death and diseaseNinazu, god of the underworld and healingNingishzida, god of the underworld and patron of medicineNintinugga, goddess of healingNinurta, god of the South Wind and healingNative American mythology[edit]Kumugwe, Nuxalk underwater god with the power to see into the future, heal the sick and injured, and bestow powers on those whom he favorsNorse mythology[edit]Eir, goddess associated with medical skillPersian mythology[edit]Haoma, god of healthPhoenician mythology[edit]Eshmun, god of healingRoman mythology[edit]Angitia, snake goddess associated with healingBona Dea, goddess of fertility, healing, virginity, and womenCardea, goddess of health, thresholds and door hinges and handlesCarna, goddess who presided over the heart and other organsEndovelicus, god of public health and safetyFebris, goddess who embodied and protected people from fever and malariaVejovis, god of healingVerminus, god who protected cattle from disease



Atheism is more than just the knowledge that gods do not exist, and that religion is either a mistake or a fraud. Atheism is an attitude, a frame of mind that looks at the world objectively, fearlessly, always trying to understand all things as a part of nature.Atheism is the acceptance that there is no credible scientific or factually reliable evidence for the existence of a god, gods or the supernatural.

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