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This website is dedicated to the Nell family and those that married into the clan.
Some research has been done into the origins of the Nell Family and I found three different opinions on where the Nell surname originated.
The first and most common belief is that the First Nell family's originated in Germany in the 17th century and immigrated first to England and from there to America and  South Africa but a second opinion is that the Nell`s were Huguenots from Holland who were sick of sticking their finger in a leaking dyke , just joking about the dyke , So onto the third opinion , We came from the Irish , Some uneducated sod with the surname O-Neil Registered his son and he was high on Whisky so the registrar heard O Nell thinking the son's initial was O And the surname Nell.
Well I think the first two opinions are closer to the truth (I hope).
I Have Looked on Genes united website for answers but all the Nell`s I found there wasn't sure and they all had one of the above opinions,
I found Nell`s in the Deaths and Births registers of Germany, Holland, Norway, England, France, South Africa and America before 1900.
So we have been around , One thing common in the Nell Psyche is the adventure seeking drive.
We do get around as just about every country in the world has Nell`s living in them.
My Nell family comes from South Africa and Rhodesia.
Now there are Nel`s with one L and Nell`s with two L`s , My Uncle and his kids are one L`s and My dad two L`s. So we are linked.
So there you are , A bit about us Nell`s.

My Favorite saying;
The purpose of life is not to arrive quietly at the grave in a well preserved body..
But rather to slide in sideways, all battered and bruised, screaming “Hell, what a ride!!


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JavaScript Source Code 3000: Calculators: Body Mass Index

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