Sign: Pisces
Birthstone: Amethyst
Fav Colours: Red,Black,Orange
Fav Food: Curry and rice & Seafood
Fav Drink: Cape wine (Late Harvest)(semi-sweet)
Fav Hot drink: Camomile tea with honey and lemon, Milo , Horlics , coffee , Tea , Fresh orange juice
Dont Like: Messy people , Dirty oily hair , Dirty nails , Loudmouth know It all people,
                   Drunk people, and most of all people that make money their God ,
                   and therefore judge others by how much earthly goods they posses.
Like: Happy people , Neatness , Family values ,Respect of the elderly .

My name is Gerhard Nell but most people call me James (My Nickname)
I was born on the 25th of February 1960, So work it out , I'm over 18 for sure
I was born in Gwelo, Rhodesia (Now Zimbabwe) on a Thursday morning at 11.15 am
Apparently it was a sunny morning, So I'm told , Can't remember.
I grew up in Nyamandlovu on a big Ranch, Rhodesia and went to school at Northlea high in Bulawayo.
I am married to my first love Lynne, We met when she was 15 and I was 17
in Pretoria , South Africa where I was doing military training in the South African Air force.
We have three children Tony born 1980,Charlene born 1982 and Bonnita born1988.
We have two grandchildren , Carla Lee Nell and Tyler James Nell
My interests are Computers, Travelling and anything that challenges the intellect (Not that I am some kind of genius, but I try)
I am qualified as A electroplater but have been in a variety of jobs throughout my life
I now live in Southampton, UK
My Mother was Caterina Livina (Maiden surname Klopper)Nell and my father was Abram Gert Nell,
Both have passed away pre 2000.
I have three brothers (Braam Joseph Nell, Awie Nell , Frederik Johannes Botha), one of which passed away in 1982 (Frederik Johannes Botha) and one sister Rina Gous

Still bussy writing and thinking what to add ,
So come back for more
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Within Temptation -
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