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A bit about myself .
My name is Bonnita Nell and I live in Southampton , UK.
I have always loved taking photos as I believe that a photo
is a small frozen part of time itself , A Scene that will never
be repeated exactly the same way. Every photo ever taken holds
the memory of the photographer and the people in the photo.
Nostalgia plays a big part in our lives , Especially as we grow
older and our memories fade.
We need these photographs to remind us of times gone by ,
of special occasions , of people we loved and lost , of children
now grown up and of people at a younger age.
As time flows forward we live in the moment and every second
Ticking by might hold a key moment in our lives and of those around
us , A moment that might mark a big event in our lives and that will
Effect us for the rest of our lives .
When I look at a photo I captured ,  I try and feel the moment it was taken,
Was it a nice day, did it rain , how did time change the photo scene , etc.
Also I think of who might look at a photo I captured in the distant
future and what they might surmise and feel when looking at the photograph.
Important events in your live must be archived as to insure our existence
in the future when we are gone , So that our children and their children
will remember who their descendants were.
I feel that there are so much sadness in the world that we need to be able to
Remember all the good times and remind us of the sad times  ,  we need to
remember the bad and sad times so we can appreciate the good  and happy
times in live. When were sad we can look at a photograph of a scene when we were
So remember to preserve those precious moments in your live with quality and
Backed up photographs , I say backed up as so many people tend to lose
Photographs , Make a habit of backing up your digital and scanned photo
Archives and give copies to family so that if you lose photos someone in
Your family will have a copy .


Southampton College 2009
Edexcel Level 3 BTEC Award In Photography.

Enjoy my website and if you need professional photographs taken for any
occasion go to my contact page and send me a e-mail.

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